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Bitcoin Cash only online gift store.

Developer’s Pitch

Gifter.cash intends to be one of the first online shops that only accept Bitcoin Cash as payment. Our intention is to create another place where people can use their Bitcoin Cash as cash and give people an option to spend Bitcoin Cash while getting rid of the HODL mentality.

Project Highlights

  • Bitcoin Cash Only We strongly believe that one day Bitcoin Cash will be the most used global currency and we want to be contributing for that to happen sooner.
  • Transparent Since our social media profiles are also published, pledgers can always contact us through our social media profiles and we will be updating them regularly on the progress.
  • We Give Back With any generated profits, we will be supporting community projects like Bitcoin Cash Fund, eatBCH and other crowdfunded projects like ours.

BitcoinCashers.org does not necessarily endorse any of these projects. We are just providing a gallery for the community to find crowdfunded projects that use Lighthouse.

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