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How to buy Bitcoin Cash using Kraken

Pay with Euro and avoid photo verification.

For those that want to buy Bitcoin Cash without sending ID photos or other verification, Kraken is a great option. This guide will focus on purchasing with Euro, as USD deposits have a long list of requirements. Besides making a deposit, all other steps are identical for buying with USD.

Login to Kraken

Head to kraken.com and make a new account. Confirm your e-mail and log in.

Verify your account

After you’ve logged in, click on Get Verified.

Scroll down to where it says Getting verified is easy. You have to fill in both the Tier 1 and Tier 2 sections. Use real information so that your money transfers are not rejected.

Deposit Euro into your account

Once you’ve completed your verification, head to Funding and choose Euro.

The best option is Fidor Bank AG (SEPA) because there is no deposit fee. The minimum deposit should be at least 1 Euro.

Log in to your bank account and make a money transfer using the data provided. (Do not use the info from the screenshot below; the information is unique for each account.)

Purchase Bitcoin Cash

When your money is finally deposited (It may take 1-3 days) on your kraken account, go to


Now go to

Trade » New Order

Make sure the Buy button to the left is selected and select Market.

Enter the amount of BCH that you want to buy. As you adjust the amount, the total amount to spend in Euro will appear on the right. If everything is good, click the big green Buy BCH with EUR button. Now you have Bitcoin Cash!

Withdraw your Bitcoin Cash

If you want to withdraw your Bitcoin Cash to an external wallet, head to

Funding » Withdraw » Bitcoin Cash

Now we have to add our Bitcoin Cash address by clicking + Add address

Important: Your Bitcoin Cash address must be in the legacy format, meaning it cannot start with “qq”.

You can write whatever you like for the Description.

Click Continue and confirm the new wallet by e-mail.

Once confirmed, the new address will be in your list of addresses approved for withdrawal. Select the new address from the dropdown and type the amount you want to withdraw. Click Review Withdrawal.

Confirm your withdrawal.

That’s it! You now have Bitcoin Cash in your own wallet that you can spend however you like.

Why select Market?

Market is the simplest option which is why we’re using it for this guide.

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