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How to install GoCoin on your WordPress Store

Now any WooCommerce merchant can easily accept Bitcoin Cash.

The GoCoin payment gateway enables any merchant to accept Bitcoin Cash payments. This guide will show you how to install the GoCoin plugin on your WordPress shop.

Sign-up for a GoCoin merchant account

First navigate to gocoin.com/merchant_signup and sign up for a GoCoin merchant account.

Download the plugin

The GoCoin WooCommerce plugin is not available in the WordPress Plugin Directory yet, so we need to download it from GitHub and manually install it. Go to the plugin’s GitHub repo and download the zip file by clicking the Clone or Download button on the right side of the screen.

Upload the plugin to WordPress

Login to your WordPress store and go to:

Dashboard » Plugins » Add New » Upload Plugin

Select the GoCoin WooCommerce plugin file which we downloaded in the previous step and install it. After installation is complete, activate the plugin.

Enable GoCoin payments in WooCommerce

After the GoCoin plugin is installed and activated, head over to

WooCommerce » Settings » Payments

Make sure GoCoin is an enabled payment method and then click on GoCoin.

Connect your GoCoin account

The two empty fields are Merchant ID and API Key. You’ll get these from the GoCoin dashboard. Once you’re there, click the Developers icon.

Copy your merchant ID and click on Get API Key to obtain an API key from GoCoin. Copy and paste each of these to the appropriate fields in WordPress.

You’re done! Now you can start accepting Bitcoin Cash.

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