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How to install Rocketr on your WordPress Store

Now any WooCommerce merchant can easily accept Bitcoin Cash.

Rocketr is an easy-to-install plugin that allows you to accept Bitcoin Cash on your WooCommerce-powered WordPress store. Let’s go!

1. Sign up for Rocketr

First, you need to visit this link and sign up for Rocketr merchant services.

2. Create an IPN secret

Once you’ve signed up, log into Rocketr and go to

Rocketr Merchants » Accept Payments

Read the IPN / Webhook Settings instructions and enter whatever you’d like in the IPN Secret field. Click Save changes.

3. Generate your API key

On the right side of that same page you will see a section titled API Keys. Click on the blue Create a new API Key button. A popup window will open asking for a name and description. Once you’ve filled that in, click the Create button.

You will see the Application ID and Application Secret that were generated. Write these down somewhere along with your IPN secret.

4. Install the Rocketr Plugin

In your WordPress Dashboard go to

Plugins » Add New

Search for rocketr and click Install Now.

Note: You can also install the plugin manually if you prefer.

5. Configure the plugin

After the plugin is installed, go to

WooCommerce Settings » Checkout

Click on Rocketr and enter your Rocketr API credentials and your Rocketr IPN secret. (Did you forget them?) Click on Save changes.

Congratulations, you have installed Rocketr add your WordPress shop is ready to accept Bitcoin Cash payments!

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You can always find this information at https://rocketr.net/es/merchants/api.

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