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The Bounty hunt is live in Venezuela, Colombia & Mexico! Check it out!!

Join the bounty hunt and rake in some dough!

Earn money just by helping local businesses accept Bitcoin Cash.

Here’s How

Step 1 Introduce a business to Bitcoin Cash

You’ll probably need to help set them up with a wallet and teach them how to use it. But let’s be honest, that’s the fun part.

If you aren’t sure what to tell them, check out our guides for merchants.

Step 2 Tweet about it

Let the world know that a new business accepts Bitcoin Cash! We even made a sample tweet you can start from.

Step 3 Get paid

Fill out the form below with the businesses information. Don’t forget to include your BCH address so we know where to send your payment.

To make this step easier try to grab a business card from the merchant.

Note Currently only available in Venezuela, Colombia & Mexico

This campaign is still in development and will be rolled out worldwide soon. Watch this space or follow the Bitcoin Cash Association on Twitter to find out when the bounty hunt begins in your neighborhood!

In the meantime read our Bounty Hunt guides (English | Spanish) to learn how to onboard a merchant.

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