It's time to start accepting Bitcoin Cash

It's easier than you think.

The Power of Bitcoin Cash

No Chargebacks

Once a transaction is confirmed, it can never be reversed. Fraud and chargebacks are relics of the past.

Low Fees

Bitcoin Cash is committed to keeping fees low. At the moment the average transaction is less than a penny.

New Customers

Access a thriving community that believes the power of Bitcoin Cash comes from spending it.

Ready to Get Started?

If you run an online business

You’re in luck. There are a ton of options available for online businesses that want to accept Bitcoin Cash. We’ll guide you through the available choices.

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If you run a brick & mortar shop

Merchant services for brick and mortar shops are still in very early phases. But being an early adopter could be a great chance to stand out in merchant directories.

Accept Bitcoin

Join the Community

Join our public Bitcoin Cash chat to discuss development, new projects and all things Bitcoin.

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