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The best way to learn about Bitcoin is to use it

Download a wallet and load it with some Bitcoin Cash.

Quickstart Guide

Step 1 Download a wallet

There are a number of great wallet apps you can use for Bitcoin Cash. We have many listed here. For this example we will use the Bitcoin.com wallet.

Download for free at wallet.bitcoin.com.

Step 2 Backup your wallet code

Your wallet app will ask you to backup your private key, usually in the form of twelve random words. This important step is a bit more work than installing most new apps, but it sure beats driving to the bank and opening up an account.

Step 3 Get a little Bitcoin Cash for free

Now that you’ve got your wallet installed, let’s practice sending and receiving Bitcoin Cash. You can get your first bits for free using Bitcoin.com’s faucet.

If you want a little more (and today is a Tuesday) go to reddit.com/r/btc/ and look for a Tipping Tuesday thread. Some kind stranger will likely send you a few bits to play with.

Step 4 Try sending a few bits

The most fun way is to send a few bits back and forth with a friend. Once you get see how fast and easy it is, we think you’ll be hooked.

If nobody is around to send with, why not donate to one of the Bitcoin Cash developers or projects. We’ve listed a few on our donate page.

Go Get Some More

Buy Bitcoin Cash

Buy any amount of Bitcoin Cash with your credit card or a linked bank account.

Buy Bitcoin Cash

Earn Bitcoin Cash

Earn some Bitcoin Cash by contributing to the ever-expanding ecosystem.

Earn Bitcoin Cash

Accept Bitcoin Cash

Learn how quick and easy it can be to accept Bitcoin cash at your business.

Accept Bitcoin Cash

Join the Community

Join our public Bitcoin Cash chat to discuss development, new projects and all things Bitcoin.

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