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What is Bitcoin Cash?

Digital cash for every person on the planet.

The Future of Money

Freedom Bitcoin is peer-to-peer electronic cash

Peer-to-peer means we are all equal in the Bitcoin network. Nobody has the power to control how we use our money.

Just like P2P file-sharing changed how we watch movies and listen to music, Bitcoin Cash is revolutionizing the way we bank.

Money Bitcoin Cash is the best money in the world

No government can confiscate your Bitcoin. No bank can control where you spend your Bitcoin. And no central bank can devalue your Bitcoin by printing more.

And if that isn’t impressive enough, you can send any amount of Bitcoin Cash across the globe for a fraction of a penny.

Power Bitcoin Cash is so much more

Many developers are already harnessing the power of Bitcoin Cash in ways many of us couldn’t imagine.

Lazyfox is a Bitcoin Cash powered tasking platform.
Honest is a social network where upvotes turn into money. And
Memo is a 100% uncensorable Twitter clone.

Bitcoin Cash truly is the future of money.

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