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Toshi’s Fund

Donation-based voting system.

Developer’s Pitch

Toshi’s Fund gives executive power to it’s donators by locking all donations and rewarding the donor with voting tokens called Toshi’s. Your donation is only available to be spend if you use these tokens to vote on funding proposals made by Toshi’s Fund. The primary focus is on developers projects. Pledging to this project makes research into such a system possible.

Project Highlights

  • Locked donations Every bit donated is locked and creates a Toshi, a voting token that enables donors to have a final vote on funding of projects.
  • Permission-less payments Economic freedom is more then being in charge of your money. You also need to be able to spend that money any way you like.
  • On-chain scalability To ensure that everybody profits from the Satoshi revolution it’s important to scale on-chain with low fees and reliable transactions.
  • Economic feasibility While bitcoin is an open source protocol, businesses need to be able to make a profit off building products and services around the protocol.

BitcoinCashers.org does not necessarily endorse any of these projects. We are just providing a gallery for the community to find crowdfunded projects that use Lighthouse.